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On Man-eaters and struggling for books


This assignment has been an unexpected challenge. A sizeable chunk of reading in early December hadn’t solidifed any particular approach or argument in my mind. I had quite some bother getting hold of some key texts, which I can normally borrow from the University of Manchester library (my local) but none were available.

The subject librarian at the University of Exeter was tremendously helpful, and let me know that I could borrow books by post, which I had no idea was possible. Just after Christmas, Natural Enemies and Waiting for Wolves in Japan turned up, and both have helped me clarify my thoughts and ideas on the subject area.  Continue reading


On Academic Reading and Good Habits

I’ve never been a particularly ‘good’ reader, and require full concentration for even the guiltiest of fiction-pleasures. I always make the best effort at reading when I’m on holiday, but since this is a distance learning MA and I have to continue working full time (and am not filthy rich), I really need to figure out a Plan B to get the best out of the programme.  Continue reading

First Post

In September I (finally) begin a MA in Anthrozoology via distance learning through the University of Exeter. I’m nervously excited about this next chapter in my life which I believe will be enriching for me both academically and personally.

As I rather clumsily tried to explain in my application for the course, my background is in Sociology (I completed my BA in 2007 at the University of Manchester) and since then I’ve often considered postgraduate study and never felt fully compelled to pursue Sociology further. I became vegan around 2008 after almost a lifetime of on-off vegetarianism. When I realised that Anthrozoology, human-animal studies and related disciplines existed, I felt a sudden sureness about my next step.

I’m currently dipping my toe back into the murky waters of academic reading and making surprisingly good progress considering the number of years my brain has been off the job…. On the reading list at the moment are the following key texts:

I’m already forming some rudimentary reactions to and opinions on the reading, which I suppose is a positive step. I’ll continue to try and cram in as much as possible before the course begins properly and adjust to the change in routine as best I can!

Someone, at least, might be difficult to convince that sitting on the settee reading for extended periods is a good idea….

Vulpe on beach