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Reinventing Taxidermy – Revaluing Nature?

Holy moly, this MA business is intense. Once upon a time I thought I’d be merrily blogging away with each new weekly topic, getting all reflexive at frequent intervals, charting my academic progress with the sort of enthusiasm for education that only brand new stationery can truly embody. But I forgot that I work full time, and I have a dog, and a life, and it’s HARD! My last major assignment was a 5k word behemoth that near defeated me. I am in almost complete denial about the 20k word dissertation that I’ll be expected to give birth to next year….. But for now, I am soothing myself with a mere 2k word essay, an exhibition review, as part of the ‘Animal Mirror‘ module, concerning the representation of animals and animality. I chose to look at the Manchester Museum, which is literally across the road from my place of work (The University of Manchester) and which has always held a special place in my heart, as my long-time preferred museum-destination in Manchester.  Continue reading