“Contrary to what some psychologists appear to think, people like this do not have disorganised minds infested by sentimentality and superstition, nor are they uncritical. They ask ‘how do elephants think?’ not out of ignorance, but because they both understand the question and know that the answer matters to them.”

Mary Midgley, from ‘Beasts, Brutes and Monsters’ in What is an Animal? London: Routledge. Ingold, T. (ed.) 1994.

My name is Jenny. I live in Manchester with my partner and one troubled Romanian rescue dog. I also work full time.

I am studying a part time Masters programme in Anthrozoology.

I enjoy black coffee in the morning, sweet tea in the afternoon, soft eatin’ liquorice, Twin Peaks, the history of polar exploration, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, long-pronged forks, freshly washed bedsheets, a nice hot bubble bath, fat green olives, a countryside walk in the rain or through a Jamesian seaside landscape.

I have an anthrozoo’ Tumblr here. You can contact me via jmg232 [at] exeter.ac.uk.

“I aFasansläktet,_Nordisk_familjebokm not mystical: it isn’t

As if I thought it had a spirit.

It is simply in its element.

That gives it a kingliness, a right.”

– Sylvia Plath, ‘Pheasant’